"Every Opportunity we get, we strive to add Value",
we follow this mantra in every engagement with our customers


With the fast paced life we live, we follow agile methodology in implementing our projects. We break the need into smaller chunks to show the results in every sprint.

The more knowledge we have in the technology we deal with and business / process we deal with, the better it is. We acquire the required knowledge through effective reverse engineering process. We have few accelerators to find the required information from Data Layer to accelerate our understanding of the business and data. In the initial meetings, we listen more and more to feel the customer so that we become part of them over time.

Listen to Customer Requirement
  • What’s the need? Is it a new development, enhancements, bug fixing or a consulting work?
  • Based on the type of requirement, set the Goals and move forward.
Understand available infrastructure, People & Process

Fewer times, everyone knows what to do. Problem is there are too many networks, databases and teams to coordinate to get the job done. Involve customer infrastructure team and stakeholders to be in the same page.

Analyze the requirement with different stakeholders

A team of Infra, BA and Technical person gets the big picture fast. Dwell into details and get applicable Solutions based on existing & new technologies. List the Solutions & Pros and Cons of each Solution.

Agree on the Solution, Process & Technology

Options are plenty when it comes to technology in the current environment. We can choose from Open Source, Pre Packaged Cloud Solution to Proprietary technologies. Based on the available resources (human), time to market and budget constraints pick the solution.

Design & Show the Prototype

Using the wire frames and office tools to show the high level design to get the approval. Build a POC to get a buy in before investing too much time into building the whole solution. By this time customer understands us and we understand customers very well. Enable the team with enough business knowledge through available artifacts about the customer. Make the team to feel confident about the problem they are solving.


Enable the developers with right tools and knowledge required. Follow the agile method and build the application. Involve end customer in a weekly basis and get the blessing on the output to make sure all the stakeholders are in same page.

Quality Assurance

We become an end user to feel the application and simulate the scenarios which we captured in our requirements. Create new sets of data to make sure all the data issues are taken care of. Make sure Application flow and Work flow of the application, security controls are implemented based on the requirements. Automate the test cases so that we can go regression testing to reduce the time it takes for new releases.

Devops & Migration

Work with industry standard Devops tool to automate the migration. Work with customer’s Devops team to follow the process and suggest the improvements.

Enhancement & Support

Support the implementation and stabilize the environment. Monitor the application through log files and tickets which are raised by end users. Enhance the application on need basis so that application runs on auto-pilot mode.