May 19, 2020

Top 10 ETL Activities in DW Projects

As an ETL developer, its important to see what are the various touch points in the ETL world. You may be working in any one of the touch point in the ETL stream line. In a DW system, most of the time we spend in analyzing the source data and creating ETL jobs to populate your data warehouse. Lets discuss about what 10 things you should know to become very effective ETL resource for an organization.

1. Sources

What is your source? Understand the nature of the source. Is the source data is in RDBMS, if so what is the credentials you have. How to get the meta data information about the source. Sample data from source etc. If its the flat file or XML or Web Service / API, understand the structure of the data you are getting. If the source in NOSQL Db, then understand the basics of how to retrieve the information

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