Feb. 17, 2017

Data Science Team @ enterprises

Lets see what is the meaning of Science. Its a study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Relate the definition to the data & business world. People who are in DATA area for a long time knows that only raw data cannot solve all the business problems. Its the knowledge you have about your data in both technology and business world makes the difference.

A good database developer not necessarily be a good Data Architect. To become a good Data Architect you should have both business knowledge and in depth knowledge on how to depict the data in terms of entities and relationships. Some time we call Data Modeling is an Art rather than a Science. As a good data modeler then you should be a good in business, process and technology to create scalable and flexible data model. Similarly to be very effective resource in Data Science team, you should have both data processing and statistical knowledge. In my perspective activities in Data Science are divided into two parts. One Part is Data Analysis which is 70% (Data cleansing, Data integration, Visualization) and 30% of the work is related to Statistical Modeling (predict the future based on an event / transaction).

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