May 5, 2016

Ways of calculating ROI from BIDW implementations

Most of us read that, about 75% of implementations don't give the ROI in BIDW related projects. When I first started to work in BIDW projects, I used to wonder why management / team is not able to prove the ROI. After being in this area for a while, its very evident that why we say 75% of implementations did not give quantifiable ROI.

The Program Manager / Owner is responsible to keep an eye on how many different business managers used the system which equips them with better negotiation skills. This can be done by a CIO level Survey regarding the BIDW application usage.

Store the following information to prove the VALUE of BI applications.

1. Usage of Application
2. Decision Maker Stories and Impact
3. Streamlining the data transfer between BIDW and Downstream applications

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