Cash Flow Analytics

By loading Daily Book Report, we can provide insights on Customers, Expenses and Time perspectives. Once you understand the insights, you get the knowledge which will help you to optimize your operations. If you need any help to cleanse the data, we are always there to support you.

Steps to get insights: Extract the daily book report from your accounting system the following format. Your service provider / IT team can give two files when they know what data you need.

Daily Book file should have the following structure

You will get the following Visuals to know your trends and patterns. You are ready to know the trends and patterns of your business.

  • 360 View – KPI’s
  • Expense Analysis
  • Revenue Analysis
  • Customer Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Monthly Cash Balance Projection

Below screen gives your 360 view which has the Total Revenue, Monthly Average Revenue, Total Expenses and Average monthly expenses as your KPI’s.

Customer Analysis provides top 5 contributors to the revenue and an interactive screen to know which 5 customers contributed the revenue and their percentage of contribution (interactive reporting).

If you have face any issues or if you need more information regarding this platform, please send us an email