Our Leadership Team

Rajesh Kumar Shanmugam


Chief Executive Officer

Suraj N


Our Differentiation

Company is lead by technical staff to begin with, this way we give importance to technology, not just ROI

Have 12 years of experience in mentoring and empowering employees to make a difference in the ecosystem

Support the customer by listening to them and do the valuation of what we can do and what we cannot do

Build eTraining kits in some cases based on the approval of our customers so that we can mentor our employees after our customer selection process (if necessary)

In Business world, we were told "In a deal there is always a looser". In Typetheta business, everyone who is involved in the deal must be winners in the long run

We invest around 15% of revenue in mentoring services of our employees to make sure we are ahead of the curve with our ability to make an impact

Have online training portal for all employees (ilearnonline) to keep up the knowledge in Data Services

70% of our employees are ex employee referrals. This way our network is very strong to source dependable employees

We run a Value driven business, not an opportunity business from our view