About Learning360.AI Platform

This platform allows to see all different perspective of learning. As we focus mainly on existing workforce and upcoming workforce as our audience, we are going to see it from following four perspectives.

  • Industry / Domain
  • Profession & Application
  • Economy Impact (Personal, Organizational)
  • Community Impact (Personal, Family & Community)

Vision of Learning 360 platform

Making sense of why we are doing the job. Realizing the direction of our journey and seeing the impact we bring into world. With the profession we choose (Accountant, Marketing, Mentor and Nurse) and how we apply our knowledge and skill to ease the business and improve the customer’s satisfaction with our service.

Mission of Learning 360 Platform

One Step at a time, add more and more professions in our platform so that we all realize the purpose of our jobs and purpose of lives. Spread the joy of complete understanding of what we are trying to accomplish.

World Economic Forum Report on Current Workforce

World Economic Form predicts that every employer should train their employees for about 104 days in next four years so that current employees can serve the organization in next four years. Otherwise, companies have to let go current workforce and hire new faces, which is costly for Company, Community and Government.

We are hoping and working hard to make this platform will add value to our customers to upgrade the current work force and educational institutions to empower students to become a better employee for corporate world.

Any learner who comes into platform should use different applications to learn different perspectives regarding the profession.

For example, for an accountant profession in a Healthcare enterprise should know the inventory, orders, and sales in the pharmacy division of Healthcare system. He / she should have hands on experience in accounting packages, platform helps the learner to create order, track order, cancel order, modify order, return against the order etc. Once they go through the complete lifecycle of what happens in the business, learner gets complete view of the business and what profession he / she is playing with in the organization.

If you need any more information on this platform, please do drop an email to contact@aroha.co.in