Apps in LEARNING360.AI Platform

We gain knowledge in multiple ways. We typically learn through listening, reading, doing and seeing. Each one of us have our own likes and dislikes. In this platform we are giving all the options so enhance the learning experience.

Following visual gives you different apps we have in providing content and track the digital events of Learners activity for monitoring and reporting.

Industry App

  • Enable resources to understand the business part of the enterprise (Retail, Banking, Education, Telecom, Hospitality, Government, Insurance etc).
  • Gives the overview of business, important functions which exists in that business.
  • Objective is give anyone the Business 101 kind of facts / processes of business they deal with.
  • This application can be accessed from both mobile and web.

Capability App

  • Every individual should know where they stand in their skills. This app takes care of grading an individual against a specific business knowledge, process knowledge or technical knowledge.
  • Here we bring in our analytical skills to know where an individual performs better / lags the concepts, then provide the inputs as part of recommendation to improve the required knowledge with the organizations input / requirement.
  • This application can be accessed from both mobile and web.

Productivity App

  • This application brings in the business scenarios to the table where you have to write the code against the pre-defined business scenario.
  • This enables the employee to feel the pulse of the customer needs. When an individual writes the query (for example), we capture the query they write, error they got, how many times query is being attempted etc.
  • So, we do our analysis on what an individual is missing when they are writing the code. We cluster the code / outcome based on the following buckets to know the productivity and recommend our next steps (Analysis Issue, Syntax Error, Concept Issue and Logical Error)

Ilearnonline App

  • A portal through which we can help knowledge seekers with relevant content.
  • Have Mobile & Web Application interface so that users can learn on the move.
  • Currently we have courses which are mainly focused on:


Data Management




Knowledge Store

  • This application allows resources to share the documents which they consider it as useful to the peers, team, project and technology.
  • Content is the king if we know the context. This application provides the ability to bring that context based on the user, level of complexity in the document, tags, level of experience user have using pre-defined Rules engine.

Cloud Lab

  • Predefined infrastructure where resources can have the environment ready for hands on..
  • Consider Sandbox on the cloud for your entire team with predefined business scenarios
  • Customized based on the customer need.